Dental Anxiety is Real

If you’re experiencing a little (or a lot) of anxiety about your dental appointment, we understand and we hope that the following can put your mind at ease:

First, patient anxiety is totally normal! Many people of all ages experience it. So rest assured that you aren’t alone and it’s not weird.

Second, it is very important to us that the office environment is a positive and calm one – for both patients and staff. With Dr. Favre’s reassuring nature, he fosters a supportive atmosphere where patients are encouraged to share any fears they may have. Understanding your concerns will help us ensure that you are comfortable throughout your entire visit. Whether you express worries or not though, Dr. Favre and your hygiene team always makes it a priority to provide the gentlest care possible.

Sometimes a simple conversation with us can calm your fears. In other cases, sedation is used to help you relax. No matter what route makes the most sense to you, we’re here to ensure your appointment is a positive experience.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Dr. Favre is certified in Moderate IV sedation through his residency at the NYU-sponsored Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Postdoctoral Program at the Foundry Recovery Center in Bessemer, AL. In this clinical setting, he trained in providing sedation dentistry to challenging patients. This experience reinforced his belief that the best care is provided when patients feel calm and relaxed.

We offer a variety of sedation options. With all options, you remain awake and responsive throughout your appointment, but in many cases, you may find yourself drowsy and lightly dozing.


Our team is devoted to making sure that you are calm and comfortable during your appointment.

“I have major anxiety when going to a dentist, and Dr. Favre and his staff made my experience like landing on a soft pillow after feeling like I’m falling off a cliff in terror. Thank you.”

Keating H.


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