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Putting the Focus on You

From the moment you step inside the door of Mississippi Dental Arts, you’ll feel a difference. We care about getting to know you, and we take the time to understand your health concerns, goals, lifestyle, and interests. We see ourselves as a long-term partner in your healthcare journey, and that personal relationship makes all the difference. From Your First Visit with us, you’ll feel relaxed as you sit down to have a friendly conversation with Dr. Favre.

It is important to us that you have choices in your treatment. We always take the time to talk with you about your preventative care and treatment options, so you can feel empowered and educated to make important decisions for you and your family. We ensure excellent quality while you determine the pace at which treatment happens. We believe in minimally invasive dentistry that conserves as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Our patient-centered care philosophy is key to providing you with personalized dental care that helps you achieve optimum long-term health. It also translates into a more enjoyable experience for all of us. We want you to look forward to coming to see us at the dental office!

The Best in Dentistry

We are committed to the highest levels of advanced dentistry in preventative, restorative, and cosmetic care. This commitment is reflected in Dr. Favre’s passion for continuing education, which goes back as far as his earliest years shadowing local dentists as a high school and college student.

Dr. Favre spent his first year as a dentist working in an NYU-sponsored program at the dental clinic of the Foundry Recovery Center in Bessemer, AL. This opportunity provided a challenging clinical experience that enhanced his knowledge and expertise in dental implant surgery, IV sedation, and advanced dental prosthetics. Dr. Favre has also received many notable honors, including his distinction as a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD), which means he has completed over 500 hours of continuing education (mostly live courses) and passed a rigorous fellowship exam. As a graduate of the Kois Center, a continuing education center in Seattle that trains top dentists from around the world in advanced restorative dentistry, Dr. Favre continues to expand his expertise. Each year, he collaborates with other Kois graduates and esteemed mentors at the Annual Symposium to share in the latest scientific breakthroughs and treatments in dentistry.

Our team is committed to serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast community. That means putting in the extra time and energy to continually gain new expertise so that you receive the very best dental care.

Read more about Dr. Favre.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are at the forefront of the latest research developments and the best technology in the dental field. This starts with preventative methods and specialized tests that can often prevent disease from developing. We perform salivary diagnostics by taking a swab of your saliva and sending it to Direct Diagnostics lab, which tests for bacterial pathogens that put you at the highest risk for infection, inflammation, oral cavity damage, and systemic consequences. This easy, accurate, and affordable test allows us to implement preventative treatment plans often before you show the visible signs of infection or gum disease.

With our hygiene care, we have incorporated a Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) system. GBT is the most advanced method available for removing biofilm (a.k.a. “plaque”). GBT uses a diagnostic liquid that colors your biofilm so we can visually identify it and effectively remove it using an ultrasonic technology that is more effective yet gentler than traditional scaling.

At our office, we have 3D CBCT imaging, which greatly enhances our diagnostic capabilities as well as our ability to plan implants before the actual treatment.

You’ll also love our Primescan intraoral scanner, which almost completely eliminates the need for traditional impression materials. No more bulky trays filled with goop in your mouth! The Primescan works in conjunction with our new CEREC system for same day scans, allowing us to offer same-day dentistry in many cases for onlays, bridges, and crowns.

Dr. Favre worked with both 3D CBCT and intraoral scanners during his Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Postdoctoral Program. He discovered these technologies made his dentistry more precise and made the procedures more comfortable for patients. After that, he couldn’t go back to the “old way” of doing things. At Mississippi Dental Arts, you can feel confident you are receiving the best care utilizing the latest technology.

Recently, WLOX-TV featured us in a news segment that highlights our 3D imaging and intraoral scanning. Watch the video to see a quick example of how this exciting technology works.

We also offer the best in laser dentistry with the LightScalpel, a CO2 laser we use for numerous soft tissue surgical procedures, including tongue-tie releases (frenectomy), gum recontouring (gingivectomy), unerupted tooth exposure, and more. The LightScalpel laser is precise and gentle and results in shorter recovery times.

This short video gives a quick explanation of the oral-systemic connection and how high risk oral pathogens can contribute to various diseases. However, with salivary testing, we can identify your specific risks, formulate treatments to prevent disease, and help you achieve overall health and wellness.

Hometown Pride

At Mississippi Dental Arts, we’re proud of our Gulf Coast community!

Our goal is not only to make teeth and smiles better but to improve the community’s long-term health by providing the very best dental care that focuses on overall wellness. We aim to serve all of the people in our community for years to come.

We’re also passionate about encouraging our local youth in extracurricular activities in the arts, sciences, sports, and more. Charity events also have a special place in our heart, because we believe in lifting up our fellow community members by supporting one another. We volunteer with many charitable organizations, including two Mardi Gras krewes.

Our entire team looks forward to connecting with more local organizations that are out there making a positive difference in the Gulf Coast community.

Reach out and let’s support one another!

“Absolutely best experience! Dr. Favre took the time to compassionately explain the procedure being performed. This demonstrated he is not only concerned about my dental health, but my full understanding of the procedure. Hats off to him for going the extra mile to ensure I was as comfortable as possible.

My son had some rather major dental work done. Dr Farve and his assistant did such an amazing job of keeping my son calm and collected! My son did not complain once. Thank you all for making what could have been an extremely stressful process very easy!”

Anissa R.


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