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It Starts With a Conversation

First, we talk. It’s really that simple. We have a conversation so that Dr. Favre can understand your health concerns, goals, values, lifestyle, and interests. We believe that this connection is key to providing you with personalized dental care and helping you achieve great long-term health. Community and relationships are important, and taking the time to get to know you helps us serve you better.

Additionally, if you have dental anxiety, we’ll talk about ways to make your appointments calm and relaxing. We’ll also discuss the different sedation options we offer.

Recently, WLOX-TV featured us in a news segment that highlights Dr. Favre’s approach to patient care and showcases some of the cutting-edge technology we use to make your first exam gentle and more thorough. Watch the video to learn more.

Co-Discovery Exam

After we’ve had a conversation, Dr. Favre will go through a comprehensive co-discovery exam with you. For adults, a sample of saliva will also be collected at this time to be sent to a specialized lab that tests for bacterial pathogens that put you at the highest risk for infection, inflammation, oral cavity damage, and systemic consequences.

Our care philosophy includes educating you on long-term preventative care, your personal risk factors, and various treatment options (as needed). This is so we can work together to determine your treatment needs. When it comes to making final decisions for you or your family, we want you to feel supported by us and informed and confident in your choices.

Kid-Friendly Care

One of Dr. Favre’s specialties is providing dental care to children. He is a father of two young girls, and he likes to create a fun, positive environment so that kids (and adults!) feel relaxed and have a great experience. Our conversational approach to the first visit starts us off on the right foot, encouraging a friendly bond with your child. They get to know our team in a relaxed environment rather than feeling intimidated by doctors in white coats with strange-looking dental tools. Your dental appointments can – and should be – relaxing for your entire family.

“Dr. Farve was outstanding. The care I received was first class, excellent explanation of my procedure and personable customer service. Thank you for creating a professional, friendly and stress-free experience!”

Martin M.


Financial Considerations

We emphasize a premium dental experience, and our practice is “fee for service,” which means that all patients incur the same cost for dental procedures. This allows our private-pay patients to get the same fair rate as insurance-based patients.

While we do not contract directly with insurance companies, we can submit your claim to your insurance provider. Your coverage will vary based on your individual plan. For more information, please contact our front desk. We’ll be happy to help you!




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